I have chosen to volunteer for 3 months in Ghana for International Service, a charity which aims to protect and promote the rights of marginalised people in West Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. My placement will involve me working 9 to 5 every Mon to Fri from the beginning of January to the end of March 2014.

A bit about Ghana…

Despite recent stability and progress in the south of Ghana, in the north people depend on agriculture in a very fragile environment, with the vast majority of people living on less than $2 a day. The country is heavily dependent on foreign aid and its economy is vulnerable to fluctuations in world prices for cocoa and gold, which are its main exports.

A bit about my project…

I will be working with RAINS, a registered non-governmental organization with a vision of ‘a just society that is based on equity with equal opportunities for all and respect for diversity’. RAINS works with all members of local communities including men, women, girls and boys and development partners to improve the quality of life for vulnerable groups especially women and girls and the disabled by strengthening local structures to take local level actions to promote and ensure fairness. Organisationally, RAINS seeks to achieve four broad objectives namely: to promote basic education in deprived communities; improve livelihood options for poor households; promote sustainable natural resource management and reduce child exploitation.

Working off the great work and research of previous cohorts of International Service volunteers, during my 3 months my cohort will be aiming to further develop an agricultural cooperative intended to improve the farming in the local region to enable boys to attend school rather than have to help their fathers on the land during the farming season. We will also be aiming to further improve knowledge of contraception amongst young females, to help avoid young pregnancies that result in the girls having to leave education. Lastly, we will also continue on the uniform recycling project, to help those who cannot afford uniform to able to attain the correct clothes for school.

Read the RAINS blog here, where you’ll find posts mostly about our work and be able to keep up to date with me from another angle. Sometimes I will be writing the posts there as well so keep a look out!

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